Star Lord’s Visuals

Name: Joseph Jennings 

Aliases: Star Lord, The Thievius Raccoonus, Joe  

Occupation: Part-Time Photographer, Full-Time lady Charmer.

Joseph Jennings is a photographer with a chip on his shoulder. When asked why he goes by Star Lord (the protagonist from Marvel’s movie Guardian of the Galaxy) he responded, “He is an underdog and I can identify. I see myself as an underdog.” Joe also Sympathies with Star Lord’s romantic struggles. A super suave charmer with rough luck with the ladies (hang in there homie).  He admits he does not have the most expensive camera or top of the line lighting equipment. Instead he has vision and grit! Joe stated, “at the end of the day it is not about the camera, it’s about the person behind it. Although, I don’t have the best equipment I still put out great photos.” That he does. Joe’s mission is to capture the essence of life, to show the world what he sees through his eyes, and to relay the message of self-love.

Sometimes inspiration hits when you least expect it. Joe can testify to this. Born in west Philadelphia – though the playgrounds are not where he spent most of his days -Joe would relocate to South Jersey at an early age. It took time and experimentation for Joe to find his niche. You see, Joe considers himself a renaissance man. He dabbled in the fields of dance, culinary, sketch, and even theater. Talented and well-versed he still could not find his proper place. At last! Here enters 2014 and the stars finally align. The universe speaks… Well, not quite. Joe acquired a job in Wal-Mart’s flower department. Joe was enamored by the beauty of the flowers around him. He began capturing photos of flowers on his camera phone. Slowly the fatal attraction with photography began. One thing lead to another and here he is, capturing life’s splendor trying to make a name for himself. Joe has big aspirations. Inspired by the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Joe wants to be a world traveler and see everything the world has to offer. He has dreams of one day moving to Hawaii to open his own photography company.

Joseph Jennings is one of South Jersey’s most promising up and coming photographers. His work follows a wide variety of themes from selfies, landscapes, 90s retro, cosplay, to pop culture. Personally, I favor his 90s theme shoots.

Joe’s photos are sincere with a special life to them. He places a prominent level of importance on depicting the natural beauty of the human body. In an interview, Joe stated that he believes the human body “is the most beautiful creation ever.” He has a series of images depicting beautiful people in raw everyday life. His sharp contrast, and sometimes gritty images, transmits a sense of sheer joy and genuine happiness through crooked smiles, pimples, tummies, messy hair, and all. It is both beautiful and refreshing. Kudos Joe, you were on the natural (no makeup) beauty wave before Alicia Keys made it popular. Joe has big aspirations.

Luckily for you Joe’s craft is available for hire. Follow him on Instagram @ThieviusRaccoonus and checkout his website his webpage more photos and rates.

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